About Us

Ashu Global Export is a renowned exporter in Garments, Leather Purse & Leather bag, Essential oils and many more products which are highly in demand and require quality and timely delivery. We export products worldwide.

Why Choose Us?

Product Quality

We take the utmost care to deliver the best product quality. We believe in promoting our brand via word of mouth and understand the concept of Quality which what a product can do for a customer.

Timely Delivery

Delivering on time is our promise to our customers. We take genuine care that our products reach at a specified time.

Personalized Services

We develop products as per buyers needs as we have a team that excels in delivering custom made products via ethical means.

Competitive Price

The prices we offer are best in the market at the quality of our products which we believe to be on the higher side.

Good Network of Suppliers

Our vendor selection is based on researched factors where we only select quality manufacturers who have a magnificent experience in the field.

Customer Satisfaction

Understanding the demands and needs of our customers is where we invest and thus bring out the best to provide optimum satisfaction.


We have contracted with uniquely amazing packaging service and guarantee that one shall receive the product in its best condition.


People can reach us out at any hour of the day as our team is dedicated to rendering work at the convenience of our customers.

Higher Capacity

Our capacity to produce and meet demands lie on the higher side and hence we are able to meet bigger orders.

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